What Sugar Daddy Want In a Sugar Baby – Top Secrets Revealed

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sugar daddy sugar babyWith the society being more open about sugar relationships, these are being explored more these days. Thus, more secrets about sugar relationships are coming out in the open. Both sexes are curious to know what sugar daddies actually want in a sugar baby – whether it is enthusiasm, passion or romance. Read on to find out.


Sugar daddies are usually older men who have gained a certain status, prestige and wealth in life. They are people who are looked up to, and mix in a social circle that value beautiful men and women. Thus, they want an ‘arm candy’ who would invite compliments from others in their group.

Elegance and sophistication

For the same reason, they also want their lady to be an elegant woman with loads of sophistication. Sugar daddies want girls who can woo them with their charms and sophisticated behavior, and also impress others in the social circle that they go about it.


It is supposed that younger women who like to be sugar babies need sugar daddies mainly for the money. However, sugar daddies feel offended or annoyed when they have sugar babies wanting them to clarify how much wealth they have. This sours the sugar relationship for them. Thus, they expect sugar babies to have enough patience.


Just like any young man, a sugar daddy usually expects his sugar baby to be comfortable with being intimate with him. It can be expected that after fine dining at a posh restaurant or shopping for hours at that plush mall, a sugar daddy will expect something in return. Most of them have a very clear idea of what they want from their women. Thus, sugar babies who might not comfortable with intimacy for some reason need to come clear about it at the very outset. Otherwise, it can cause complications at a later stage.


Some sugar daddies are married and look for a sugar baby for sex, companionship etc outside marriage. They look for a woman who can respect their boundaries and easily adjust to their lifestyle. They do not wish to be called at any time of the day or night, and when they call and wish to meet, it can be expected that they want enjoyment for some time. They are usually much older in age, and want their sugar babies to respect the age difference and seniority.


Ultimately, sugar daddies are looking for women who are perfectly compatible to them in most – if not all – aspects. They want girls who are ready to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with them and are adaptable in nature. They look for women who like to be adored and can adore them back in return. Anything less than this is likely to make the relationship meaningless for them. Although sugar relationships are mostly relationships without a definite end, and terminate at some point, many of them often end up in long-term arrangements such as marriage, when there is perfect compatibility between sugar daddies and their sugar babies.


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